RollMultiRollNeuralNet.run(y, X, NN, weights=[], plot_loss=True, plot_perf=True, x_axis=None, reset_nn=True)

Train several rolling neural networks along pre-specified train period and predict along test period. Display loss and performance if specified.

y : np.ndarray[np.float32, ndim=2] with shape=(T, 1)

Time series of target to estimate or predict.

X : np.ndarray[np.float32, ndim=2] with shape=(T, N)

Several time series of features.

NN : keras.Model or list of keras.Model

Neural networks to train and predict.

plot_loss : bool, optional

If true dynamic plot of loss function, default is True.

plot_perf : bool, optional

If true dynamic plot of strategy performance, default is True.

x_axis : list or array, optional

x-axis to plot (e.g. list of dates).

rmrnn : RollMultiRollNeuralNet (object)