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Rolling Neural Networks

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class fynance.neural_networks.RollNeuralNet(train_period=252, estim_period=63, value_init=100, target_filter='sign', params=None)

Object to train/test a neural network along time axis.

Rolling Neural Network object allow you to train neural networks along training periods (from t - n to t) and predict along testing periods (from t to t + s) and roll along this time axis.

y : np.ndarray[np.float32, ndim=2] with shape=(T, 1)

Target to predict, a good practice is to use log-returns.

X : np.ndarray[np.float32, ndim=2] with shape=(T, N)

Features (inputs).

NN : keras.Model

Neural network to train and predict.

y_train : np.ndarray[np.float64, ndim=1]

Prediction on training set.

y_estim : np.ndarray[np.float64, ndim=1]

Prediction on estimating set.


run(y, X, NN, plot_loss=True, plot_perf=True, x_axis=None) Train rolling neural networks along pre-specified training period and predict along test period. Display loss and performance if specified.
__call__(y, X, NN, start=0, end=1e8, x_axis=None) Callable method to set target and features data, neural network object (Keras object is prefered).
__iter__() Train and predict along time axis from day number n to last day number T and by step of size s period.
plot_loss(self, f, ax) Plot loss function
plot_perf(self, f, ax) Plot perfomances.