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BackTest (fynance.backtest)


fynance.algorithms.allocation.rolling_allocation(f, X, n=252, s=63, ret=True, drift=True, **kwargs)

Roll an algorithm of portfolio allocation.

f : callable

Allocation algorithm that take as parameters a subarray of X and **kwargs, and return a vector (as np.ndarray) of weights.

X : array_like

Data matrix, each columns is a series of prices, indexes or performances, each row is a observation at time t.

n, s : int

Respectively the number of observations to compute weights and the number of observations to roll. Default is n=252 and s=63.

ret : bool, optional

If True (default) pass to f the returns of X. Otherwise pass X to f.

drift : bool, optional

If False performance of the portfolio is computed as if we rebalance the weights of asset at each timeframe. Otherwise we let to drift the weights. Default is True.


Any keyword arguments to pass to f.


Performance of the portfolio allocated following f algorithm.


Weights of the portfolio allocated following f algorithm.


Weights are computed on the past data from t - n to t and are applied to backtest on data from t to t + s.

\[\forall t \in [n, T], w_{t:t+s} = f(X_{t-n:t})\]